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To educate, inspire, empower and activate the minds of teens and young adults by placing them in positive interactive Mentorship, Educational, Community and Special Team Programs. Doing so will help them today, so tomorrow they can become a positive influence on society.”

Briscotown Productions

The goal of the Briscotown Productions Program is to encourage, mentor and train disadvantaged, youth and young adults in entry-level to mid-level TV and Film production. Focusing on set-up and take-down techniques. A career in Film production, lighting and sound can be very beneficial in today’s society. Ultimately, we want to ensure that every youth in Clark County have the skills to effectively compete in today’s workforce.


Past PrograMS



The team worked together in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. 



The team picked up unwanted furniture, fixed it up and resold it. 



The team worked together in Basketball and Football Programs



The team worked on their fitness through Hiking and a specialized  cardio program



The team worked individually and as a team during their BMX Racing Program



The team learned what it takes to be an Alpha Male and the importance of confidence


current Briscotown Programs


Briscotown Productions - Program Overview

Program Overview: In today’s digital age, TV and Film production is on the rise. Setting up the camera, lighting, sound, and other equipment for Television, Film, sporting events and special events is happening across America every day.

At Briscotown Productions, we plan on teaming with local companies in Clark County, Nevada to recruit young adults over the age of 18 to teach them how to be successful in the TV and Film production industry. Briscotown will produce a short film from start to finish with the aide of local youth and young adults as students. The film will be submitted to 5 film festivals across the world. Students will be paired with professional production mentors throughout the duration of the program. The crew will mentor, train and help encourage the students to be effective, successful production team members in today’s society.

Target Population: The target population for the Briscotown Productions Program will be 10-15 adults located throughout Clark County, Nevada area.

Students Curriculum: The Briscotown Productions Program will teach the students:

  • The installing power requirements for each production.
  • Safeguarding equipment and overseeing the connection of electrical equipment.
  • To install and operate sound and lights necessary to produce films.
  • The distribution and collection of all house sound and light equipment before and after each event.
    In addition to electrical duties, they will learn:
  • Storytelling through Film/ Acting for the camera
  • Hair and Make up
  • Script Supervising
  • Budgeting for Film
  • Other skills to be successful in the TV/Film productions field.

Team Leaders Program Training: All corporate mentors will undergo a short training program     in order to be paired with students of Briscotown Productions. The training program will encompass the following:

  • Working with youth and what to expect.
  • Effective mentoring techniques.
  • The power of journaling and creating a schedule with the students.
  • Other counseling techniques.

Program Outputs:
Briscotown Productions Program team leaders will offer ways to gain employment in TV and Film production around the Las Vegas area. Have the ability to join the Briscotown Housing project in the LA area.  The students will have hands on experience that can be added to their resume in a high growing field here in Las Vegas.

Location: Private Locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Los Angeles, California areas

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Briscotown House

In Los Angeles we are looking to rent a house for all Briscotown program members and more. You can come and go for auditions etc. 

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